pencil portrait of boxer dog

This pencil portrait of boxer dog Sasha was done as a memorial.

Sasha’s owner misses her dearly and wanted something to commemorate her life so commissioned me to draw a pencil portrait of her beautiful girl. Her reaction to seeing the first image of her pencil portrait of boxer dog;

Oh my goodness, that is absolutely beautiful!! – Love it!!

This is what Sasha’s owner had to say about the well travelled boxer dog

My darling girl was called Sasha & she was an Aussie babe, coming back with us when she was 3 yrs old. She had so much character and was extremely expressive with her whole body saying hello to people. She ruled the roost in the house with both boys complaining how spoilt she was but the answer to that was she didn’t answer back like them. I can’t begin to tell you how much she is missed after loosing her in September – she was my one in a million!!

A picture of the finished pencil drawing, all framed up was sent by Sasha’s owner and can be seen below.

drawing of a boxer dog framed