To commission a drawing …

I undertake a lot of drawings and know what makes a good portrait and what doesn’t. If you have a particular picture in mind that you’d like me to draw, send it in via the enquiry form to the right¬†and I can have a look and see if it’s suitable, no obligation.

As you can see below, an in focus, sharp image makes for a fantastic drawing, whereas a blurred, no detail pic does not lend itself to being drawn, at all.

drawing pic bad
An example of a bad pic to draw from
drawing pic good
An example of a good pic to draw from

Photograph submission form

  • This should be a high resolution file (1.5-2mb) and should not be grabbed off Facebook or any other social media.

Send from your iPhone

If you fancy sending your photograph straight from your iPhone, read this article and it will explain how to send the largest size possible.

send an image via phone