If you want Portraits drawn for Christmas presents, you’d best be fast.

It’s that time of year when Santa’s getting ready to fill his sack with wrapped-up goodies and what better present to give than an original piece of artwork of your dog, cat, pet or family member?

Commissioning a drawing from me could never be easier all you have to do is send me a photograph, with no obligation, I’ll review it to make sure it will make a fantastic drawing, then once you’ve given me the go-ahead I’ll draw you an amazing piece of art that will undoubtedly bring a few tears on Christmas day when opened.

I can assure you portraits drawn for Christmas presents will make the recipients day especially if the drawing is a memorial to a lost pet. I get choked up reading the stories and testimonials that come back from happy clients.

So why commission portraits drawn for Christmas presents? This quote sums it up really “Commissioning a piece of art is an investment, it is uniquely your own vision translated onto paper through the skills of an artist’s hand.” No one in the world will have your drawing, it is uniquely yours.

Portraits drawn for Christmas presents