This cat pencil portrait is of a beautiful ‘tuxedo’ cat called Whisky. Her owner Daniel runs a fantastic website called which is all about cats and more specifically tuxedo cats. It’s a great resource for reviews of cat products, advice and all things moggy, so if that’s your thing, head on over and enjoy.

As you can imagine this client loves cats and this cat pencil portrait of Whisky is the perfect way to celebrate that fact. This is what Dave has to say about her …

Whisky is a 6-year-old black and white cat who pretends to be shy but whenever we have guests over she has a habit of coming out of hiding to get as many strokes as she can. She was adopted from Boote home for cats in Liverpool after being left on the doorstep there in a suitcase, she has since risen to fame as the face of (you can see some pictures of her in their gallery).

The most enjoyable part of this cat pencil drawing was the eyes, they’re so mesmerising and hopefully I’ve managed to capture that.

If you fancy your cat drawn, whether that’s for a Christmas present, an anniversary gift, a birthday present or as a memorial to your deceased pet why not send me a photograph and I’ll revue it.

Cat Pencil Portrait, Whisky