Getting the best photograph of your dog to draw need not be difficult.

One of the greatest challenges of drawing dogs for clients is getting a good photograph of their pet. I review lots of photographs, sent in via my form, to draw and many are just not good enough due to the shot being out of focus or simply too far away. Here are some tips for you on getting the best photograph of your dog to draw.

  1. Use a squeaky toy or treat
    A squeaky toy or a treat will attract their attention and prick up their ears. Place or use it behind the camera so that your dog looks in the right direction. Be quick using this technique, your dog will soon cotton on and get bored.
  2. Focus on the eyes
    As with humans the eyes are attention grabbing, so focus on these.
  3. Make sure you have the whole head filling the shot
    The classic head and shoulders shot is what we’re looking for, but make sure you don’t clip anything off the edge of the shot like ears or snout etc.
  4. Get down on their level
    Move down to the dogs level and shoot from there. This will alleviate your pet looking up and forlorn.
  5. Be patient
    Wait until your dog’s calm. An excited dog will want to move around, sniff, explore, so allow them that and help them towards that calm state you want them to be in.
  6. Shoot outside
    If at all possible take your shots outside where natural light will be the easiest to work with. Light but grey days give a nice flat light with not too many harsh shadows.
Getting the best photograph of your dog to draw
Difference in clarity dogs eyes
Here is the difference in a blurred, low resolution image and a sharper high res image. The more detail the better the drawing