Taz chinchilla to be drawn

A request for a Chinchilla drawing

Occasionally I get asked to draw some unusual things. Some don’t come off like the hedgehog I was asked about, but sometimes they do like Taz the Chinchilla. I completed the drawing of the cheeky chinchilla recently and again another first, it was completed as an A4. Here’s to more unusual pets to draw, they…

pencils to draw with

Pencils to draw with

Pencils are my tools of the trade, it’s what I draw with, simple as that. So like any other good worker I need to look after my tools and that’s where my Derwent pencil wrap comes in. It keeps all of my pencils neatly stored and safe along with an assortment of rubbers and pencil sharpeners.…

martha boxer dog drawing close-up

Boxer dog drawing complete

This boxer dog drawing was completed recently and took about a week and a half on and off. Having a leak in our hallway put paid to a quick drawing, but these little obstacles are sent to try us and be overcome. This is the first boxer dog I’ve drawn and I must say it…

cat drawing portrait in progress

Cat drawings the purrfect Christmas present

So it seems Christmas presents were all about cat drawings this year. I completed 2 for Santa who duly delivered them on Christmas morning to extremely grateful recipients. There’s been some fantastic feedback … “I’d like to say how thrilled my daughter is with the picture of her cat. It really is amazing and you are one…

cat drawing close-up

A drawing as a Christmas present

So the lead up to Christmas was quite frantic on the drawing front as I had quite a few drawings to get out as Christmas presents. This pencil stub (below) is testament to that. The two weeks before was full on, burning the midnight oil to help Santa fulfil his present quota. I’ve had some…

springer spaniel drawing in-progress

Another Springer Spaniel drawing

A springer spaniel drawing is underway I’m undertaking another dog pencil portrait and it just happens to be another Springer Spaniel. This is the 3rd springer spaniel drawing I’ve done in as many months. The beauty of undertaking a springer spaniel drawing is that they’re ears have so much character to them, almost like flowing hair.